Kill them with kindness

don't be afraid of the unknown


"how will i explain gay couples to my children”

if you can explain to your children that an immortal man in a red suit who lives in the north pole travels around the entire world on one night every year on a sleigh carried by magical flying deer i think itll be easy enough to tell them two people are in love

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I need feminism; because the bra straps of a twelve year old shouldn’t make a 40 year old married principal with two daughters “uncomfortable”

So am I allowed to walk around adult women who are mothers and grandmothers at work with my cock out or what

in what world is someone’s dick equivalent to a fucking bra strap

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"No amount of physical beauty will ever be as valuable as a beautiful heart."
 Saad Tasleem (via wordsthat-speak)

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Still the best pick up line.